Martin Stankovski

Martin Stankovski


Project Manager

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Martin Stankovski is a project manager at the central Lund University Cooperation Office. He is currently the senior responsible administrator, and has a research background in Solid State Theory.

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Martin Stankovski currently divides his time mostly between LINXS, where he is the main administror, and NanoLund, where he acts as External Relations Officer. He also supports the Corporate Relations office from time to time when called upon. He is the trans-national access liaison for industry for the LU node in the European project NFFA-EUROPE, which aims to give access to advanced infrastructures specialized on growth, nano-lithography, nano-characterization, theory and simulation and fine-analysis co-located with Synchrotrons, FELs and Neutron radiation sources.

Martin has a research background in solid state theory and has worked with linking industry, businesses and academia, mainly through various national and European projects since 2008. He is passionate about research at all levels, from basic to applied and often works in increasing the contact surface and efficiency of research and society/business interactions.  A specific interest is increasing the rate of innovation for new and sustainable materials.