Expression of Interest for a LINXS Working Group



Before you enter info and submit

  1. Have you discussed the submission with the Core Group of the intended Thematic?

  2. Do you have tenure or a tenure-track position at Lund University?

  3. Are you familiar with LINXS' mission, goals, priorities and working methods?

The capabilities of the form are not advanced and do not involve the possibility to save and update information at this time. We recommend that you work in an independent document that you can save regurlarly and then paste the material in here when you are satisfied with it. Upon submission the Management Group will receive an e-mail with the contents of your submission.

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Expression of Interest form

Name *
Currently any tenured or tenure-track faculty member at Lund University can apply. Please enter your name, title and affiliation.
A single-sentence name for the working group that gives an immediate impression of what it is supposed to do.
Select the appropriate LINXS Theme for the suggested Working Group
Types of activites included *
There are a number of pre-defined activities with a nominal budget. In the next section you are expected to clarify how the activity/activities are meant to be performed. If choosing "Other" please make sure that the Work Description below describes what it is and how much it is expected to cost.
(about 4000 chars including spaces) The work description should be a 5-7 paragraphs. These need to: * Describe the need the working group will address, who will benefit and what the added value is. * Explain how the work is connected to LINXS’ mission. * What is the working group going to do? Plan, aid and/or host a conference? A research task? With workshops? Bring experimentalists and theoreticians together? Outreach? Schools? Industry training?, etc. Describe what the initial action plan of the working group is and how many of the activities are envisioned. * Describe the expected resources needed based on the pre-defined activity types. Also describe what the expected in-kind contribution in terms of time and resources will be.
Names, affiliations and short description of relevance of suggested working group members. This includes the proposer if they are part of the group. A major part of LINXS’ mission is to encourage collaboration with external parties, therefore groups that have a mixture of external and internal members and that maximise the collaborative scope across disciplines and faculties are favoured. Motivate for each person their role based on their background with a few sentences. Members can be adjoined later, with motivation to the Core Group.