Who do I contact for support?

  • For questions about bookings, event organisation and management, calendar, and travel contact our Science Activities Manager, Åsa Grunning, at:
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  • For questions about communication, interviews, news and the newsletter contact our Communications Officer, Noomi Egan, at:
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  • For any other questions about fellowships or organisational matters, please contact our Head of Administration, Anna Ntinidou (pronounced "deeneedou" with a "d"), at:
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Which activities does LINXS support?

LINXS supports many different kinds of activities to further its mission and goals. These activities include (but are not limited to):

Conferences and Symposia - typically major events with 100+ participants, invited speakers and keynote speakers. Conferences can be arranged within themes or in collaboration with other parties. We do encourage our working groups that are planning conferences as a part of their activities to also apply for external funding if possible and/or to set a conference fee as appropriate given budget plans. We often provide discounted attendance for young researchers. Conferences typically average budgets of 150-250 kSEK in total, depending on length, speakers and number of attendees.

Workshops - Workshops are smaller gatherings, typically up to 100 people. They tend to be more focused on a specific topic or challenge. LINXS has a seminar room with capacity for up to 60+ people, incuding smaller rooms for breakout sessions or group work. A typical workshop has a total budget of 20-60 kSEK depending on number of attendees and invited speakers.

Hackathons - Hackathons are meetings that address specific needs-driven challenges in a set time. Typically scientists or users seeking solutions wihtin a given paradigm or discipline are matched wiith experts that can facilitate finding solutions to problem. These can be related to anything from experimental preparation and setups, to post-analysis and hardware/software design and use. Hackathons typically run for a week or two and have a budget of 80-100 kSEK per week. The number of participants is usually lower than a workshop, around 20-40 people.

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Fellows -

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What follow-up is expected for activities?

Can we have sponsors for events?

What are my responsibilities as a fellow?

What are my responsibilities in a working group?

As a member of a working group your responsibility is to further the...